Create a positive reality

Understanding the current beliefs that you hold true about yourself, then learning how to regulate, modify and create new beliefs is at the cornerstone of maximising your potential. Being in sync with this fundamental part of your internal fabric provides you with the basis from which to make both small improvements and huge developments in your life. Increasing your awareness of how your inner world works provides insights into why your life is currently as it is. It also allows you to adopt a continuous feedback loop, to assess what’s working and what’s not and take steps to steadily improve yourself.

Once you develop the comprehension of how this works you will take back the control of your life. You will be able to reap the rewards of this and over a relatively short time and build great trust in yourself. The lasting impact of this great trust is peace with who you are and acceptance of yourself regardless of whether there are changes or improvements that can be made. (It is important to remember that there always will be an area to improve. We are all works in progress.)

This profound peace is grounded in the deep roots of knowing. Knowing rock solid who you are, why you are here, where you are going and what you intrinsically believe to be true about you. Your peace is the natural result of being in tune with your essence, your soul, your spirit. You know your truth.

If you know your substance; who you are and what you are made of then this gives you great strength as the foundation and compass for navigating the world. Going forward, external life factors will have very limited influence on how you feel the majority of the time. You will use your power to choose and decide how to think, respond and feel. This in turn creates the feeling of freedom, perhaps the most desirable state of any living being.

And a more pragmatic feeling to aspire to than that that of being happy or experiencing a lack of negativity at all times.


Because good and bad things will happen to all of us throughout life. It is not possible to feel happy all the time. You may find yourself in a room with very soft padded walls if you are happy no matter what happens to you. It is okay to be angry and sad at times, these are natural emotions. Happy is not the state we are aiming for here 100% of the time.

Freedom is the ultimate feeling to experience at all times. Freedom will assist you to create more of the life experiences you crave because freedom will ultimately drive your thoughts and create your reality. This reality is created as you freely choose more positive thoughts and feelings. The end result is a more positive reality.

It is relevant to note here that the inverse is also true – if you choose negative thoughts and feelings your reality will reflect this negativity.

What we should aspire to is to have the freedom to choose how to react to the events that occur in life. To choose how you assign meaning to them and then how to react. Free to make the choice through the linkage of deliberate thinking and conscious decision making that is based in the bedrock of knowing who you are.


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