Freedom to choose

There is an internal reference point that is inside you and guides you at all times. Sense and respect that and then make a deliberate choice in any particular moment as to how you feel and act rather than reacting from old beliefs, habits and patterns.

This freedom to choose gives you active control of your life using a power that comes solely from within you.

This is the power that you were born with.

This power is part of your spirit and it cannot be completely removed from you.

Yet this is a power that over the course of our lives, many of us appear to forget is in there. Our innate strength is seemingly weakened by the duties and distractions of everyday life.

Freedom can only be achieved by being true to yourself.

Being true to yourself can be achieved by knowing who you are at the innermost spiritual level. It is represented by never wavering in your belief and by trusting in your own power to make the most appropriate decision in the moment.



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