Understand your inner world

When you can access and appreciate your inner world you can learn how to enrich your inner self and your spirit.

As a result, you will be able to tap into and harness a deep source of sustainable power.

In order to enrich your inner self, you must turn inward to discover what your inner world is comprised of and comprehend why you need to nurture it.

Let’s start by looking at two key areas of your inner world; your thoughts and feelings. These areas are the most vulnerable to our neglect. It is important to be aware of why we are all prone to neglect these important aspects of our inner self to circumvent this pattern going forward.

Much like breathing, your thoughts and feelings can exist without your conscious effort or control. They will automatically happen without your notice; they occur in spite of your involvement. For all that, once you make a deliberate attempt to focus your attention on your thoughts and feelings, as with your breathing, you can take the control.

By directing conscious attention to your thoughts and feelings you heighten your awareness of your inner world. You can change the quality, depth and duration. Similarly, you can slow down your breathing to heighten your consciousness of your physical state. With slow deep breaths you can make a world of different to how you feel. I will take a moment to remind you of the importance of thoughts and feelings. Thoughts produce feelings – this is a physiological fact. Happy thoughts produce chemicals in the brain that create good feelings and pleasant bodily sensations. Feelings produce energy. Energy fuels action. Thoughts and feelings govern action. Nothing comes into being or happens without thinking about it first, despite of how fleeting the thought or feeling is. Our lives therefore are the result of our thoughts, feelings and actions.

These are key aspects of your inner world to master in order to reach your potential and live the life you desire. To gain control of your thoughts and feelings forces you to focus on your inner you. To switch off from what is going on around you and draw your attention to what’s going on with you on the inside. To pay attention to the details of that moment instead of accepting all that you have been told and come to believe. To form your own decisions rather than rely on old beliefs.

A basic premise that you need to get to grips with is that you need to take care of yourself and nourish your spirit. This is not selfish; it is mandatory because no one else is capable of taking care of you at the innermost level. Burn out is not a sought after state and one that does occur when we are too giving of ourselves without giving back to our own self and spirit.

To be of use to others you have to look after number one. This means learning how to replenish yourself. Preferably, by putting measures in place so your tank never runs empty. It is essential to turn inward, dig down and find the built-in tools that provide your own power to move you forward.


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  1. Raqqers says:

    I really like this one, it is so apt, and you deliver the message perfectly! Looking forward to the practices!


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