Neglect caused by a lack of time for self

Because our lives are increasingly busy, it is easy to neglect our inner self. We fail to make the time to look after this aspect of ourselves as a daily priority. Most of us are too busy concentrating on moving through the day, ticking off the to-do lists and making sure that our family, friends and colleagues are getting the best of us.

We seldom leave time to check in on our own thoughts and feelings. We react and respond to everything around us and find that we are left feeling depleted, sometimes mindlessly absorbing the world around us. We accept life as it is, often because we are too exhausted to challenge it. Consequently, we feel like we don’t have much control over the outcomes. There is no luxury of time to think! There are not enough hours in the day! There is too much to be done and not enough time to do it all!

This mode of approaching life is exhausting. It can result in many negative experiences and unexpected emotional outbursts that then cause you much regret afterwards. It can also lead to an endless stream of anxiety, stress and worry caused by living in the past or living in the future. It’s a draining cycle of being and it holds you back from reaching your potential. Your mental capacity and clarity is diminished by external stressors. You are running on empty feeling depleted as opposed to a preferable state of being that is energised. A state of being where activity is effortless.

Like many others, you probably fail to carve out the time to be in your own space to connect with yourself because there are too many competing demands on your time. I am here to remind you what you know deep down to be true, that the most significant relationship you have in this life is with you – you are the one constant that you have in your world. As with all relationships you have to put some effort in to constantly improve it or you will get what you give. If you give nothing, you will get nothing in return other than the bare minimum; the default output.

Nevertheless, most of us operate under the misconception that we need to keep up with this crazy tempo of life. When in truth, we need to slow down in order to speed up. We need to take time out to reflect and adjust and appreciate what we already have. And to consider what we want to continue to experience and/ or achieve.

Being busy is almost a competition these days. The winners are judged by who is working harder and who is more tired. We are assigning value and meaning to our lives by measuring how busy we are and how many hours have been spent at work. This is the wrong yardstick people! We are out of balance. When did it become a good thing to slog away in an air-conditioned and an unnaturally illuminated office? Why do we as a society think that is a badge of honour?


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