Take charge of what you want your life to be

Develop the courage to stop allowing other people’s thoughts to contribute to your reality without your review and permission to do so. Their thoughts and energy can leave your own thoughts and energy polluted.

Be sure they are censored before adding them to the story of your life. Figure out the situations when other people’s ideas have held too much influence over you in the past. Acknowledge this and learn from it so that you have a greater awareness and better chances of preventing it from happening again.

Make the choice to let the thoughts and energy of others pass by you and respond accordingly. Try not to let their ideas blur or cloud your truth. Don’t let yourself be a passive victim. The more you acknowledge and deal with these situations as they happen the more empowered you will feel.

How often have you left a situation and mulled over what was said? Or desperately wished you had said different words in the moment?

By accessing and nurturing your inner self you are well equipped to take an active role in your life as you begin to exert control over your thoughts and feelings. You have the ability to do this and have the power to influence how the rest of your life will unfold. To accomplish this, you will need to conduct a full and open examination a complete review of your internal infrastructure.

We will explore this more next time!



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