A perfect way to start a New Year

Most people only thoroughly examine their internal makeup and thoughts and feelings when they are forced too, when faced with a terribly life disrupting event such as job burn out, redundancy, relationship break down or poor health. The trouble with this reactive approach is that by the time the event has occurred, the damage is done and it is much more difficult to recover. My advice; do not wait for a tragic event to give you the motivation or even the start of a new year – any time will be perfect to start investing your energy in nourishing your spirit and knowing and understanding yourself.

By exercising awareness of your thoughts you can disrupt the supportive or apathetic grounds that negative or outdated self talk may be grounded in. Your thoughts dictate what you let into your life. It doesn’t matter where you grew up, what you parents believed, what school you went too. Only you can think about a situation and apply meaning to it. No one else can think for you. Which means no one else can make changes to your life for you – it has to come from you.

Once you master the control over your thoughts and feelings you can approach life by focusing energy on responding in the moment rather than reacting from old patterns and habits. A trap that many of us fall into is the myth that we have to busily work at our problems. This is tiring. Instead make a decision daily to feel good. Do this by thinking positive thoughts. You have the control to make that choice. Know that it is possible to disrupt your negative or indifferent thoughts and emotions injecting them with positivity, vitality and joy. By taking a moment to choose a thought and feeling you are drawing from the strength and power of knowing who you genuinely are. Making decisions will also become easier! And to progress in life decisions are required.


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