Exploring your inner world

Exploring how your internal world works is necessary to establish before you start adopting the 9 daily practices. This will provide you with a greater appreciation of the role that each practice plays and enable you to ensure all is in optimal working order as you undertake the practices. You will also develop a deep and lasting knowledge as to why and how these are the best things you can do for yourself daily. Taking the time to consider your internal make up and how your inner world has been constructed gives you the freedom to change it. You then have the opportunity to break the cycles and patterns that do not work positively to serve you.

It is always beneficial to examine your thoughts to learn how they contribute to the outcomes in your life. However, don’t expect an overnight solution or a silver bullet – as these do not exist. In the same way as if you have let your physical body get out of shape over the years your inner world and spirit will also get out of shape with neglect. To pull these back into shape is completely doable, it will simply take some honest evaluation of where you are currently and some work to bring things back into good working order. Be reassured though, you will improve and make progress with each day and you will also develop the essential life enhancing skills of self-reliance, resourcefulness and decision making. In the process you will create a new life where you are at the core still the same but you steadily overtake and outperform the earlier version of you. You will still have all the main features of the old you – yet with a different zest for life. And this is a sustainable enthusiasm because you control it, it cannot be taken from you!



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