Examine your thoughts and feelings

Take some time to examine your thoughts and feelings. Pause and slow down so you can deconstruct and appreciate why you are where you are in life currently. Read the questions below and ponder the answers for as long as it takes you to feel comfortable with your response. Write your answers down – and be honest – don’t answer in the way you think you are supposed to answer – there is no right or wrong answer here. Plus, no one else is looking.

  • do you have negative or positive thoughts most of the time?
  • is your self talk critical or complimentary?
  • do you feel like your life is lacking or abundant?
  • what is the story that you have written and tell about yourself?
  • how does that story end?
  • what limitations have you imposed on your self in your story?
  • where in your life do you feel stuck or scarce (e.g., time, money, love, success, fun, happiness, health)?
  • how do you define yourself to the outside world?
  • do you say you wanted a specific thing or to accomplish a certain project and then fail to take the actions to achieve this? If yes, why do you think that has happened?

As you answer these questions explore your internal environment with honesty and a lack of judgment – be kind to yourself and at the same time deeply honest and be truthful. This includes an analysis of your internal dialog and conversations, your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations. These conversations, which are constantly running, can hold limiting beliefs and interpretations that stop us from having what we say we want. They are often so deep seated or hard wired in us that we don’t even hear ourselves speaking the words out loud let alone within the inner space. And it is the repetition of these beliefs to ourselves in our self talk that causes the most damage long term.



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