Define a personal vision for your life

It is advisable to have a personal vision for your life. One that is yours alone.

Once defined, your personal vision becomes the reflection and confirmation about what you want your success in life to look like.

We all dream for others that we care about but we can neglect the details of our own dreams. Your vision should encompass all facets of your life including your relationships, skills, interests, ambitions and how you want to live and how you want to be.

At a minimum it should reflect your wish for a good quality of life. A vision helps you to know what you are aiming for or working toward. Having a vision is about claiming your dream. It is the number one step in believing that you can have what you aspire to. A vision will prompt you to think about how you want to move forward.

Capture your overall vision by turning it into words, like a corporate vision statement or a school motto. Make it a declaration about what best represents your desires. Revisit your vision regularly and update it as needed to make it your own for no one will ever care as much about the end outcome as you.

The attention to the details you desire must be all yours.


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