How to write your personal vision

To define your personal vision, you need to put yourself into a place of stillness and knowing of your true self to form the image of what you want your life to be. Reinforce the good that already exists and be honest and brave enough to admit what needs improvement. Think about what truly makes you excited. Take time to decide what you want out of your best life. What do you want it to represent? What will give you the most fulfillment? Then think about some of the actions that you would need to do to make it come to life. If the actions seem less than invigorating, then perhaps a re-think is required.

Be adventurous, imagine yourself already there. Remember you are free to think about how you want to live. If you find yourself to be susceptible to the opinions of others and negative influences, turn the other way and focus your mind on your own excitement.

Now ask yourself the four questions below. Think about the answers from the realm of your own inner space where there are no outside influences and without interference from hang ups from your past or worries about your future. Your task is to focus on answering these questions in a space that is free from judgment, societal influences and family expectations. Once you have the answers formulate this into an image of your vision. Then write it down. The words will help you turn your vision into a high level plan for change.

  1. Who am I? (This is not your current job title)
  2. Who do I want to be?
  3. How do I want to live my life?
  4. What does good look like for me?



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