You are a paradox

Whatever your beliefs about how human beings came into fruition, it is undeniable that we are all made of the same skin and bones. However, one of life’s great paradoxes is, that although we are at our essence all the same, each of us is also uniquely individual.

Got that? Whilst you are a unique individual you are also the same as everyone else on earth. We all come from the same place, are made of the same stuff and ultimately we all return to the same place. As a result, we are all interconnected. We come from the same creative force and we all have access to the same universal creative consciousness. The pleasing learning in this universal truth; is that this means what you see other human beings do you too can do. If you want to climb a mountain remember many other people made of the same stuff have already accomplished this. It can be done. It has been achieved already. If you want to; chances are you can do it too. Even if you are thinking about that thing that doesn’t exist or imaging some feat that has not been done before – there is a huge possibility that if you are thinking about it, if you have a thirst to have or do it, then you have the capacity to make that happen. That is how all the fantastic advances in humankind have come about.

Everything first comes into existence through thought, sparked by imagination and visualisation which is then fueled by positive energy, action and the belief that it can be achieved. If you honestly want something, by giving it the effort and the right energy that is also backed by belief, you can have it or do it too. So take what you have, what you have been inherently born with and what makes you uniquely you – a combination of your personality, life experiences and wishes and imagine unlimited ways to innovate yourself and reach for your dreams.



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