The power we all have (and its limitations)

There is power within us all yet this power does extend only so far. Your choice of thought and actions do affect your experience however there is more to it. There is a greater force at work that has plans in store for us. Bigger, better, more audacious plans that we could ever imagine for ourselves.

Our part to play is that of a co-creator that is in step with the grand plan. You cannot control the world and the events that occur to you. You will always experience a mixture of events that by any objective measure could be described as good or bad events. Naturally, you can’t control how or when these events will unfold. And nor should you shoulder that burden. There is no need – we were not designed to do so.

Your job is to focus on how you control your own thoughts, feelings and actions in response to these events. You can’t always alter the outcome of events, especially when other people’s free will is involved. All you can do is surrender to the bigger force at work and choose how you are going to think, feel, speak and act. Believe me, that is all you need to concern yourself with. And that is where you have the power. As a trivial example, you can choose how you think and feel about the weather that you received in your life today. You can view it either as a blessing or as a pain in the butt.

Worry, fear and anxiety are all symptoms of trying to take control over the aspects of your life that you cannot control. Make your life easier by accepting you have no control over certain things – you never have and you never will.

You can only control your response, through thoughts, feelings and action in the moment. It is pointless to try and control the uncontrollable. Regain your power by living in harmony and respecting the way events occur. Wanting or expecting otherwise is resisting the natural unfolding of things. Appreciate your value and position in this universal system. Like all of us on this earth you are a worthy creation and expression of the universe or else you wouldn’t be here.

There is a harmony in the universe, that can be difficult to comprehend and find the words to explain. It is a constant process of evolving and unfolding at the same time. The best strategy to adopt is to accept it – go with it – let it do its own things and watch it unfold.

You are a part of this natural world and all is working as it should. If you don’t feel that way I encourage you to get outside and take a walk in nature. Then come back to me. Yes, there are cycles of death and rebirth that we have to accept. Yet when you are working against the world by resisting, which includes feeling like you are not good enough to be a part of it, you are repelling this harmony and in the process only harming yourself. Harming or harmony – your choice.

Going with the flow is not lazy and it is not being a passive observer in your life. It’s about being in conscious awareness of the signs that the universe is placing in front of you and responding to these cues by turning inward and listening to your inner guidance system to determine what feels good. And when it does feel good, to trust in it and act effortlessly without doubt and resistance. You will then move forward.


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