Our life is a tapestry of contrasts

You are a part of this universal system and it is full of contrasts. Contrasts provide us with the comparisons we need to experience in order to appreciate and admire the phenomena of the universe around us. These contrasting experiences make our lives interesting.

Understand contrasts by recognising that there is always a night and a day. Darkness is followed by light, light is followed by dark and that it is a natural pattern of the universe. Both are to be appreciated, because without one we would not interpret the other. If it was a constant sameness that would be a difficult path to travel.

The same can be said of our experiences. There will always be some rough seas followed by smooth passages. Storms do not last. Typically, it is the contrasting experience of the storm that makes you appreciate the calmness that follows. The real challenge is to learn to appreciate and express thanks for the storm as much as you would for the calm periods. It is advisable to be thankful for all the different parts of life experiences, as all hold valuable lessons.

Begin to accept and enjoy life as a constant experience of contrasts. Of day and night, light and dark. It’s the yin and yan – you can’t have one without the other. One simply does not exist without the other.

Expecting to encounter a world where you solely experience the light, the yin or only happiness is unrealistic and not likely to happen. Learn to respond to your dark times by recognising them for what they are. Harness the lesson in them and let them pass rather than hanging on to them. Learn from them and realise what they are here to teach you. Think of your rough spots as the darkness before the dawn – making way for new light to shine through.

Accept this universal truth as a part of your life and feel comfort in knowing deep inside you as you conclude that is the way it is. It’s the sweet and sour, the hot and cold of life – learn to love them equally when they appear. Don’t freak out when night falls and at the same time don’t waste the daylight waiting for darkness. And take this with you into your relationships with others and accept that your interactions will also have these contradictions.

There are contrasts within all of us. We all come packaged with a variety of strengths and weaknesses. As people sharing the same experience on the same earth, we would all benefit more from realising and accepting this. This would prevent us from taking one another’s flaws so much to heart. Again, it is impossible to imagine a relationship that is perfect at all times. You will go through phases and the relatively challenging times will make you realise how terrific the good times are. You might learn from the difficult periods and adjust yourself to think, feel and act in a way that promotes more of the good times.

Take the good with the bad. Looking for one without the other is not possible.



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  1. Raquel says:

    Today this is timely – thank you for sharing! So much truth in what you express


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