You are a multi-dimensional being

We are all multi-dimensional beings. Counter to our culture’s obsession with physical appearances, we are more than our bodies and looks alone.

Many of us acknowledge at least three of these dimensions as the Mind, Body & Spirit. Others will be familiar with even more dimensions. Generally, there is agreement that we are comprised of at least these three. They exist as a part of all of us whether we consciously describe them as dimensions or not. To be the best possible version of ourselves and maintain a high degree of well-being, it is crucial that all our dimensions live in peaceful cohabitation. This is because we are as much spiritual beings, experiencing life through a rich inner world as we are physical beings experiencing our world externally. To function optimally, all three dimensions require some form of consistent exercise and nourishment to achieve balance. Exactly like our physical bodies, our spirit needs attention and exercise to be in tip top shape.

Exercise for the mind and body are regarded as necessary and embraced by many people as a way of life. It is the spiritual nourishment and exercise that seems to be the most overlooked. And this is what can leave otherwise healthy and functioning people to feel like they are unfulfilled and not living their true potential. This neglect is unnecessary because we all have the ability to exercise and nourish our spirits. We are born equipped with the gifts to do so, although our busy modern lifestyles impair our ability to access the tools required to maintain and nurture our spiritual muscle.

By contrast, exercise and nourishment for our minds exists at every opportunity. Our minds are exercised through mental activity such as our jobs, reading books, doing crosswords, Sudoku, watching documentaries and yes, I suppose by watching reality TV. Nourishment comes in the form or arts, culture, good conversations, challenging discussions and by having fun. Similarly, exercise for the body presents itself to us in many opportunities, there are industries dedicated to it. Even if we can’t bring ourselves to leave the couch, most of us realise at the intellectual level that our bodies need to be exercised. It is accepted that our bodies need exercise in the form of physical activity and as a society we embrace this ideal, in awe of those that can find the time and motivation to devote to obtaining peak physical condition. In addition, it goes without saying that our bodies receive nourishment in the form of food.

However, only a small percentage of us consider that our spirits also require exercise and nourishment. And most of us wouldn’t know in reality how to even begin to exercise or nourish the spirit. But it isn’t complicated, it’s merely not widely publicised. It is in much the same way as we exercise and nourish the mind and body. The spirit receives this through spiritual activity that is derived from being connected to your inner being and your creative source and can be achieved through practices such as meditation and spending time in nature.


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